Talking to ‘You’

I hope your weekend was great and have started this week with great expectations. As for me, I attended a beautiful wedding on the weekend which my son participated as a page boy for the first time; it was a priceless moment seeing my little man in his suit walking down the aisle (smiling just thinking about it). Oh! I did a shoot of what I wore to the wedding ceremony and reception, will be putting those up in the coming days.

Apart from the what I’ve been up to intro ..(haha), a month ago I started the madness of  playing the Candy Crush Saga mobile game on my phone, I must add if you don’t know what this is I will not even try to explain as its sure a bad idea and very addictive game and you should never even start playing. Moving on, I was stuck at a level for a week and as I was fulfilling my usual routine to play it until I fall asleep it just dawn on me that I have stayed at that level way too long and it was time to move on to a new level and with all seriousness I pressed play and was really focused on completing the task to move on to another level and am not kidding, I completed the task in one go and moved on to the next level just because I came to the realisation that I have stayed at that one level way too long.

This is how life is sometimes, we get stuck at a stage in our life thinking we will never come out or it’s just too hard to make the switch in our lives, but when we put our mind and focus on making a change in our lives, then nothing is impossible, but you first have to talk to yourself and make up your mind and most of all focus until you achieve the change.

Sometimes you have to be the miracle instead of waiting for the miracle as faith without works is dead (James 2:14-16). God requires us to make the move and he will do the rest, but first we have to make the move as praying and being stagnant does not help the situation sometimes. Everything change starts with the “self”. You have to talk to yourself, evaluate yourself to see where improvements are needed and then make those improvements. It’s hard, but it’s worth it. 

So today, I ask that you start talking to yourself and making the move to achieve your preferred future.

My Fashion Corner:

So this look was those random outta no where and I just wanted to be free and comfortable. I have prepared this look couple of months and every time I want to wear it, just did not feel right. So few weeks back was the right timing as it was my sister’s birthday. So nothing really special about this look, but special at the same time as I was not in heels and I was feeling funky and ghetto. This look is for those days when you just want to look chic and casual.

Outfit details:

Dress: Supre, Denim Jacket: Boohoo, Sneaker: H&M