Black & Silver


Happy mid week people!

We all know that, in life things happen along the way. We may fall in and out of love, some people may hurt and disappoint us and we also may have done the same to others.

After all that may have happened, we should learn to reconcile life with ourselves. Put things in the right column and instead of all our hurts, and disappointment in the liability column how about we put them in the asset column as in one way or the other they may have thought us a remarkable lesson that have helped us grow one way or the other and looking back now we thank God that he let that happen.

I believe in doing so you are able to keep your life in balance and be enriched with all the happy and sad experiences.

Stay bless and talk soon

Outfit Details: Coat: Nasty girl-Sold out Heels: Tony Bianco-Old Clutch: Adorne Glasses: Mink Pink