Keep at it…. The word is ‘Progress’

Keep at it…. The word is ‘Progress’

“Stop beating yourself  up. You are a work in progress, which means you get there a little at a time, not all at once”

A little step towards change can make a great difference and I have a good example, my sister. My sister has gone into this mindset of deliberately making time to relax and she is very strict on it. At around 8pm she is already in bed, switched off everything and half an hour or so later she is fast asleep. So I asked her why the change, because she used to a night owl like me up all night and wake tired the next day, rushing to get ready for work… Ridiculous I know. Throughout the day at work, I will be telling myself that when I get home, after my chores I will go to bed early and early always ends up to be  11pm or midnight (night owl). Back to my sister’s new change, apparently, she listened to a preaching couple of weeks ago about making time to relax, just relax. I’m not quite sure the detail of the preaching but in a nutshell, she said, the preacher was talking about how life can burn us out continually, through work, relationship, family etc. but it’s our choice to always make time to rejuvenate ourselves every day. I’m really happy for her and she is making great progress with her routine. I think there is an art to relaxing that I need to learn, which I started yesterday. I made it to bed at 9.30pm but I couldn’t fall asleep till midnight… I really tried. It’s a process that I will not give up on till I master it fully (almost, am hoping for). I’m planning to listen to the preaching which I believe will put me in the same mindset as her. That should have been the start but oh well never too late to go back and start from the beginning.

Hope you are doing great? Goodness me it’s the 3rd of the eight months in 2016 already…. Let me try that again ALREADY!!!! Like Chinua Achebe, says ‘time and tide wait for no man’. If you are still hesitant to start that new business venture, pursue something you love, or try something new. I think NOW is best, because you will never get back the moment wasted.  Go and live life and explore all the great possibilities out there, because whatever is in the past will remain in the past, strive to reach the possibilities ahead of you and I bet you will finally come to the realization that limitations are only created in your head.

I say the above not only for you but am speaking to myself, no am SCREAMING it right now in my head. SONIA BABY GIRL YOU GOT THIS. This is your life, get hold of it and reach out as far as you can and make every moment counts.

Enjoy the rest of your day and keep reaching for what lies ahead.

My Fashion Corner:

I know, off the shoulders are now trending big time, a friend of mine wrote on her blog how she is a fashion laggard as she just got her first off the shoulders top, I told her that she is way ahead of me then. So this outfit is a test for when I finally get my off the shoulders top to be in the trend ( I really don’t follow trend) but I love this one. We were going through our clothing me and my sister (we were literally forced by my husband to get rid of some or he will take some to the dump) I know he wouldn’t do it but the poor guy doesn’t have anywhere to put his stuff the house is full of clothes and shoes mainly mine. I have gotten rid of so many during Christmas. That’s another story on its own, but yeah I found this sweater during that process and I was like hmmm mmm I love the colour and I tried it on and now you know what happened next, it was gifted to my sister but it was way too big for her(lucky me). I got this ripped jeans a year ago and when i tried it on recently it was way too big for me (I think the squats are finally showing some results). So I pair the two for the oversized effect,


Sweater: Old, Jeans: I seriously can’t remember, Heels: Tony Bianco, Bag: the iconic, Glasses: Police