Thinking In Colour

Thinking in colour

I am always, thinking in colour.

Colour closely reflects our emotions, it is powerful. This connection begins at a very young age.

Red could mean firey and confident, black could mean moody and yellow could mean happy. Even if we don’t realise it, we actually wake up thinking colour.

How did you choose your outfit this morning? Which colour did you “feel” like wearing?

I have always loved colour.

Colour helps me to display my personality, happiness and brightens me up on the days where I might feel a little dull. 

When I’m feeling a little quirky I might even clash colours to create something different that just works!

It’s definitely a skill to do it and turn it into style and not just a hot mess. 

Colour clearly reflects our emotions, it is powerful.
Let's brighten up the world, bring happiness and spread colour.

What colour are you today?

Tomorrow, I challenge you to change your colour into something bright. Let’s brighten up the world, bring happiness and spread colour. 

It can be difficult to wear a colour you aren’t used to wearing…but I can almost guarantee you that it will literally change your attitude throughout the day. 

Just looking down and seeing a fun, bright outfit will make you smile and will brighten your day. 

You could pick your colours by the way you already feel OR you could pick them around how you WANT to feel. 

See this colour guide below to help you out!

BLUE – calm, stable, wisdom

YELLOW – happy, energetic, youthful

BROWN – down to earth, reliable, natural

GREEN – fresh, hope, healing

PURPLE – royal, luxurious, fun

BLACK – mystery, power, intrigue, moody

WHITE – clear, innocent, pure

GREY – quiet, unsure, neutral

ORANGE – fun, energized, funky

PINK – fun, youthful, sassy

RED – passionate, sexy, intense

Thinking in colour
Thinking in colour
Thinking in colour

Get thinking in colour with me! I just adore this knit by @littlepartydress named the ‘Chameleon knit’. It is…

  • Happy, fun and energetic!
  • A great addition to your autumn/winter wardrobe
  • Can easily go from funky to stylish with the right accessories
  • Super cute as a dress or with your favourite pair of jeans and pumps!
Thinking in colour
Thinking in colour