I hope your weekend was great and have started this week with great expectations. As for me, I attended a beautiful wedding on the weekend which my son participated as a page boy for the first time; it was a priceless moment seeing my little man in his suit walking down the aisle (smiling just thinking about it). Oh! I did a shoot of what I wore to the wedding ceremony and reception, will be putting those up in the coming days.

Apart from the what I’ve been up to intro ..(haha), a month ago I started the madness of  playing the Candy Crush Saga mobile game on my phone, I must add if you don’t know what this is I will not even try to explain as its sure a bad idea and very addictive game and you should never even start playing. Moving on, I was stuck at a level for a week and as I was fulfilling my usual routine to play it until I fall asleep it just dawn on me that I have stayed at that level way too long and it was time to move on to a new level and with all seriousness I pressed play and was really focused on completing the task to move on to another level and am not kidding, I completed the task in one go and moved on to the next level just because I came to the realisation that I have stayed at that one level way too long.