In the Process.. Keep fit in style in this Pretty Little Thing -PLT Activewear

In the Process.. Keep fit in style in this Pretty Little Thing -PLT Activewear

 Happy New Year guys. Wow! If you are reading this I am so happy that you get to see 2019. I pray that this year will bring you all your heart desires and so much more, but you have to do the work and trust the process.

In this day and age, we all want things so fast and quick and we are always finding ways to cut corners, but truth be told every great thing you want in life do take time to manifest. So not because you are not seeing a quick result doesn’t mean nothing is happening in the background. It’s like going to the gym, you will need to work for several months with sheer commitment, sweat, hard work to see the abs or whatever you are trying to achieve. Talking about gym and abs, is that part of your New Year resolutions? If so I wish you well, don’t quite because it’s hard. I made my decision mid last year to live a healthy lifestyle and to be a better version of myself.

Trusting the process is something I’m still learning. For example, after giving birth to my daughter I wanted to snap back as soon as she popped out (literally), after going to the gym twice a day, strict diet and nothing was happening I was frustrated and heartbroken. I have to pull myself out of that mindset with support from loved ones that I have to trust the process and love my body at every stage. How powerful is our body, Gosh I bless it for putting up with me for so long (lol).


Sometimes we find someone to motivate you. This is the Sexy Summer


So in 2019, I have intentionally gone into that mindset of keep doing my best and trust the process and in due time the result will manifest itself. So I urge you to set your intentions, do the work and trust the process.

Well for gym lovers this PLT sportswear range is a must have for the gym. Such a great variety and you will be able to mix and match it to spice up those hard gym sessions.

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