Talent Inside of you. Walking in it with my novoshoes sandal

Talent Inside of you. Walking in it with my novoshoes sandal

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Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!

No what how bad you feel about yourself or how people may have made you feel about yourself, you have a talent, a special gift given to you by God to share with the world.

I trust that you are doing well. Thank you all for being so patient with me, in regards to updating my blog. I have no excuse at all.

I love this google definition:


1.natural aptitude(gift) or skill.

So pay attention to that natural flow, the things that just make your soul happy. Become more conscious of the things that inspire you to do your very best.  That is your gift and work on it, enhance it if need be.

For me, I believe my talent/gift is the ability to inspire others with my words and actions. I am very intentional in the way I treat people and I always leave people better than I met them. love to affirm others and find the best in others because that is what I believe I called to do. In so doing helps me become the best version of myself.

Check out Your Inspiration Platform where I share all things inspirational. It’s so important that whatever your gift you have to share it with love and make yourself and others better.

Comment below and let me know what are your talents/gifts.

Today lets talk about this sandal they are called MAARIA from novoshoes. They are the comfiest heels have owned by far and this leather shoulder bag from addison road.  They are both versatile pieces. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair of sandal and shoulder bag to add to your spring wardrobe, then these are must-haves that will look good with everything. Having it in black is an extra bonus as they will go with most items in your wardrobe.

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