Frontal sleeves shirt dress

Frontal sleeves shirt dress


I will sum up how I have been with these words, ‘slow with no energy at all’. I know that’s not a good thing, that’s why I’m super happy that this month is ending and I hope October will be different. How are you all doing? better than mine I hope.

By the way, I hope the 20% off incentive from ftzz so style_Palace e-boutique was helpful. cnp_6792-2.jpg


I haven’t been up to much at all these days. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m just off and drained, I still can’t pin point what is actually wrong. At the moment am on a ‘soul’ search I call it.

On the up side, apart from my usual routine which is work, and the in-between. It was my little sister’s birthday which was well celebrated by my son who was over the moon because of the birthday cake, he literally took over the celebration.

Also the style_Palace team did a shoot with an amazing model and the experience was really fun and an eye opener at the same time. Goodness! I was so naïve on the amount of work models put in behind the scene to create magic. Once the pictures are out I will dwell on my experience more.

So let’s talk about this shirt dress, can you tell the obvious reason this particular shirt dress caught my attention? If you say the frontal sleeves,  you are very correct.

I love the concept and structure of the dress, so comfortable and can be easily styled. Oh! and the colour is so perfect for Spring as well. I decided to go for a casual look by wearing my witchery burgundy loafers to add a bit of colour.

To be honest shirt dress is such a great wardrobe essential, and you are able to dress it up or down and can be paired with other pieces in your wardrobe to create masterpieces.

Till then keep well. Remember, there is no problem the solve cannot solve. You have the power and its a matter of choice.

Outfit details

Shirt dress: Asos

Loafers: Witchery

handbag: LV