“Encourage each other and build each other up”
A friend of mine at work best described the feeling. ‘I’m so sick with a cold that if I was a horse I would have been taken to the back and get put down’ I know that sound a bit over the top but that was exactly how I was feeling the whole of last week. I forced myself to work on Monday as soon as my Manager saw me I was sent home.
 cnp_5463.jpg  Since then I have been on my couch, breathing through my mouth and ashamed to cough in public as I sound like a missile about to explode. I went to my doctor and the first thing he said was  ‘you look tired’ and he was right I was tired and dizzy.cnp_5471-edit-1.jpgcnp_5472-edit-1.jpg cnp_5464-1.jpg cnp_5482-edit-1.jpg cnp_5468-edit-1.jpg
That’s been my week and still not 100% yet but I’m holding on well. Hope you all are doing better than me. I’m happy to be back and my apologies for missing to post on Wednesday.
cnp_5486-edit-1.jpg cnp_5457.jpg cnp_5452-edit.jpg cnp_5482-edit.jpg cnp_5480.jpg
Now that I’m back,  I just want to remind us all to be kind with our words and use them to build others, instead of the other way around. I have experienced the damaging effect of words on me and mine on others. I know we all can say the same. But it saddens me at times that the people we love the most who should be our number one supporters in pursuing our dreams, will be the same people trying to trample on it. They can do it consciously or unconsciously but the result is still the same ‘damaging’.
Words can be said in the heat of the moment, and at times just to make others feel bad about themselves.
I have experienced this several times and I tell you it’s only by the grace of God that I still get motivated to keep going. It hurts that someone you love and care about, who you would support in their own pursuit will want to be the murderer of yours.
Be supportive with words for what others are doing, especially if they are working hard to succeed, even if it’s not your forte.  A little word of advise, before you put this in practice if you haven’t already, start in your house first with the people you love as they might be counting on that feedback.
Words are powerful we all know that, as it can make or break a person.
Nourish someone with your words today. It will cost you absolutely nothing.
Enjoy the rest of your day. Thank you all for your words of encouragement.
My fashion Corner
As soon as I saw this coat on the mannequin in the H&M store I know there was a connection. I did my usual self-talk, to justify the reason for purchase, but it wasn’t payday so I took a picture and sent it to my sister who wanted me to find her a winter coat. The reason was if I can’t buy it maybe my sister would and I can lend it off her, but unfortunately, she wasn’t quite interested when I sent her the photo. The reaction from her didn’t kill my vibe about it, but I was like maybe I should just let it go for now as I have so many other coats.
A week or so passed by and just to make myself feel like am exercising,  I decided to go for my lunch break walk into the H&M store and the coat was on the rack, check the price first and ‘BANG’ it was my lucky day, the coat was down to $15 from $79.95, can you believe it. It was not an impulse buy at all, but an accomplishment for my closet.
I really love the colour of this coat, the belt around the waist and length. So I decided to wear it on its own like a dress, which is quite common now in the fashion sphere to wear coats  as dresses with long boots or heels. This is my second attempt at turning my coat into a dress. See my first attempt here
I decided to pair it with my white and black Tony Bianco heels to match the belt and the handbag. I know am the colour block queen, but I really wanted to co-ordinate today and tone it all down hahaha.
By the way you can grab a 15% off any watch on the barbas and zacari website using the code SONISH_SPACE. So check them out they have really cool items am wearing the nude colour watch.
Outfit details:
Coat: H&M – Similar – Here HERE
Heels: Tony Bianco – I love this HERE
Bag: theiconic
Watch: barbas and Zacari
Hat- I love this HERE