Sporty chic…… with my adidas tee

Sporty chic…… with my adidas tee

Can I just say, your style can be sporty, classy, ladylike, edge, casual or whatever you might decide to call it. You have to own it, embrace it and refine it every time.

Hey y’all.

How are you all going? Trust you all are doing great. Geez it’s been hard this past couple of days as I have been fighting a cold and lawd this virus like hanging around in my space. Thank God I’m feeling a whole lot better now.

Since it’s Monday, I want to remind you to start your week on this note. Life can be full of many things wanting your attention, but set your own pace and give time and attention to things that will add value to your life. Remember everything good takes time. Be positive and constantly remind yourself of what a bada** you are. Positive self talk is a must, it will do a whole lotta good to your soul. Be your own competition and be the best version of yourself every day.

The timing may not be working in your favour, but thats where perseverance and patience comes in, ‘YOU GOT THIS’ babe. Enjoy your week.

My Fashion Corner:

End of last year, I decide to de-clutter my closet and lawd that has given me so much real options to choose from in my closet, which makes things so much easier and lots of closet space (obviously). The point I’m trying to make is  sometimes the more you have the more stressful it to make decisions…… life confuses me at times .. but hey I’m always learning. I’m glad I decided to give the closet a treat  which is ‘clutter free’

This two odd pairing came about when I was trying to get ready for a dinner date, because for the life of me I just couldn’t find the top I initially planned to wear the skirt with (one of the reasons for the de-clutter), later found out that the top was in the laundry. So I decided to reach for my adiddas tee and as soon as I paired them together I was in love.

How would you pair your sporty items?

Outfit details

Top: Adidas

Skirt: Shona Joy

Handbag: Zara

Heels: Louboutin-So kate