Snakeskin and neon are making big moves in 2019

Snakeskin and neon are making big moves in 2019

Loving the snakeskin trend


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Mindset matters

Trust you had a great start to the week. I know you might have heard it several times, but am here to remind you again that your dreams are valid and it doesn’t matter if no one believes in you. Keep believing and working on yourself and in due course, everything will come together. I’m not saying it will be easy, because I myself is still struggling with believing. Let’s all try to make a conscious and intentional decision that every day we will take an action that will help us get closer to our dreams.

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Style note

Ok, I must admit I usually don’t get heaped with trends but seriously am a big fan of this one and I jumped on the wagon fast this time around. Trust me this will not be the first time you will be seeing snakeskin her.  Let’s take a  minute to talk about this snakeskin trend that has been gaining so much momentum in the fashion world this year. I know animal skin or snakeskin has also been in trend but 2019 has seen it in full force. I am not a great snake fan but love wearing their skin.
This is exciting for a bit of a wardrobe addition. Snakeskin can easily be classified as neutral for the most part, because most part the colour palette is grey or brown, but I decided to go the versatile route by adding the neon trend into the mix. You have to be bold with colours I say. This shirt gives off the maximum fearless mood and the neon pushed it into another energy which is loving.
I think this trend is hanging out throughout 2019 so don’t be afraid to incorporate snakeskin or neon into your outfits for contrast or just break your black or neutral colours.
What is your take on this trend?