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Happy Saturday. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far.

My week has been excellent. Lot to thank God for.

Having a dream is like planting a seed. First you have to sow, then continually water it with education, prayers, counselling, fellowship, life experiences, sleepless nights, long hours of work etc ensuring God is always at the centre.

You also have to work hard in removing weeds from the plant which are your self doubts and negativity that may come in mind to choke your dream up or people around you passing on negative vibes for you to doubt yourself. Be sure to also put up a fence to protect your work in progress so that birds don’t come and chirp off your hard work, meaning don’t allow people to distract you or take you off course wasting energy and resources for their own gain.

We all know that the last stage can be delayed extremely sometimes by the decisions we make along the way or which I believe is God waiting for the right time for us to be ready for the work load during the time of harvest. Which is very frustrating at times but the bible tell us that as a man thinketh in his heart so is he/she, so during the waiting keep the positive attitude. Never relent keep watering and weeding as whatever you invest you will reap in the future

So keep your dreams alive. It’s hard to kill a dreamer no matter what life may throw at them. If it doesn’t happen the first time dust yourself up and try again and again because the God we serve will never leave us nor forsake us

Keep dreaming and enjoy your weekend. Talk soon

Outfit Details: Jacket & Handbag:H&M, Skirt: Gojane, Heels: Tony Bianco, Mesh bodysuit: Zara, Necklace: Equip

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