Just Casual

They Say when Life gives you Lemon, You make lemonade but what if you don’t like lemonade. What would you make with you lemon?

Ok so how are you all doing? Missed you heaps. I always do trust me. Am doing great not only because it’s my birthday month but because during this time last year I was putting my dreams into action by pushing the switch button to turn the light on and bring to life the blog called sonishspace.

Everything start in your mind but should not stay in your mind only because once you find the courage to share, it increases in value and open doors to many more exciting experiences which has happened to me as a blogger. After a whole year of procrastination I told me myself, Sonia you can do this just believe in yourself and am glad I was able to listen to the sensible side of my brain(hahaha). Well that was the start of the journey in nutshell.

I will be talking about my experiences so far in blogging in upcoming posts to celebrate such a milestone and some surprises coming your way which am not actually sure what it will be so till then, wait patiently.

Like I said earlier it’s my birthday month and its next week so it’s officially countdown from today so please help me. Ok what’s with the secrecy the actual date is on the 29th so keep me in your prayers and send me your love in words at least LOL.

I know lots of things are happening in your life right now and some which may be dimming your light and make you feel you are drifting back into the darkness that you fought so hard to get out of and now you are thinking what’s the point maybe that’s where God wants me to be because of all my sins but I tell you it’s a BIG LIE and do not fall for that trick by Satan. You are more than that and despite what you may feel or what the world is telling you just look to the one who loves you unconditionally and gave up his life so you can have life more abundantly. You deserve even more than your mind can fathom so hold on and keep up the fight he is with you all the way through. You will overcome.

Love you guys and have a good weekend. Oh wait Australia let us have a great long weekend and remember all those brave men who died for their country.

My Fashion Corner

Well TGIF so let’s keep it casual chic. I usually go on and on about how I create a look but this one just speak for itself. In two words Just Casual. Well I have to talk about my Zara frill heels don’t you just love the uniqueness of it. I have to grab it quick when it we on sales when the first Zara store opened in my city (please don’t laugh Australia we are a little bit behind the rest of the world in somethings)

Details: Crop Top: sportgirl, Pants: Forever21, Heels: Zara, handbag: Zara