Black & Yellow

Hope you all are doing fabulous and pursuing your dreams.
As I was telling you in my last post that I am reading a book(refer to my previous post) to help in my worrisome behavior. The book has a chapter about impatience which is a form of unbelief  that was an eye opener for me. I must say though that recently am learning to be patient  with myself and people, as I can’t force nor change people to respond to me when I need them to and life is a process some things are  meant to happen at a particular time. Just like the bible says there is a time for everything under the heaven.

When it come to God’s timing I always get very impatient. I do believe that he is always on time and his timings and ways are not my ways, but goodness sometimes I feel that he is ignoring me on purpose (tell me you don’t feel this way too at times) and this is when I go into my Sin bank thinking about all the deposits have made and telling myself maybe it’s because I did this and this that’s why he is not going to answer me (that me though).
I like how John Piper define Patience in his book ” Patience is the capacity to wait and endure without murmuring and disillusionment-to wait in the unplanned place, and endure the unplanned pace.
After reading the chapter I find myself guilty as when am in the unplanned place and enduring the unplanned I tend to help God in the process of answering my prayers quickly which I believe sometimes delay my miracle, but when i submit to his WILL completely he gives my the courage, strength and peace to wait on him.
I pray that God will strengthen you right now in your unplanned place and unplanned Pace.It’s winter here in Australia and I made good of the little Sun that was out today. I just Love the edginess of the top.

Outfit Details
Top: Portmans (Old)
Jeans: H&M
Heels: Tony Bianco
Glasses: Levi’s
Bag: Kate Spade