Be your “OWN” Original

Are you an original or a duplicate?

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. As for me yesterday was a blast celebrating my sister’s birthday so am recovering today.

Following my question the original is always better than the copy. Duplicate have no authentic power or accuracy something is also missing with a duplicate copy.

So let me ask you this???  Are you happy being you or a duplicate of an original.

Everyone is created for a purpose and nothing is greater or precious to God than his masterpiece. Like Joel Osteen said “We are all God’s masterpiece”.  No need to try being someone else when you’re already an original masterpiece with a higher purpose. I know the world we live in today have a new definition of life, how we should live it and the standards. But the real question here is whose standards are you living by the world’s or God’s??.. We try so hard to be others and in the process we loose our authenticity and forget the real us. We then become a duplicate that can never compare to the original or reach its potential. Everyone is created for a different purpose and that’s what makes us special and unique.

So I urge you today to be an original and live the life you were created for. Run your race and enjoy your life to the fullest, you’ll get weary running a race that is not yours. You’re an original masterpiece believe that.

Be You Because Everyone Else Is Taken

My Fashion Corner:

I Found my own special denim shorts few weeks back and instead of waiting for summer to try them out I decided to rock it now with my nasty gal blazer as summer is still few months away and waiting was something I did not have the patience to do. Neutral, neutral was all in my mind creating this look and my blush patent Tony Bianco heels was the best option to go with.

Outfit Details: Blazer: Nasty Gal, Tee:Guess, Shorts: Shein, Heels: Tony Bianco

Enjoy Your Sunday and Chat Soon