Straight outta Vogue Magazine

Straight outta Vogue Magazine

Don’t forget to grab a copy of this month’s vogue magazine!

Don’t let anyone dull your shineHey y’all. Its Friday again and we are in August.Any plans for the weekend? For I will be attending a birthday and christening celebration with my kids. Exciting times ahead.Today i just wanted to share details of this look, which I did for my 30th birthday shoot. I have been getting a lot of love on IG for this look and Yes I am featured in this month’s vogue magazine ( me dreaming out loud). I said it,  so y’all be on the lookout . I believe it and so shall it be.

Never stop dreaming,believing and working hard and smart.. Keep expanding your horizon and glow under the sun or moon.

For this look it was all about the hats ( beret& fedora) and necklace layering . I was going for french look with a bit of attitude (hahaha) hence why i was going hard with layering the necklace and not smiling as usual.

Outfit details

Necklaces- Adorne

 Fedora –Keegan Mae Millinery

Beret – H&M

Blazer – Zara