The Doorway

I pray you all are doing well and welcome back to my space. As for me am doing fine just lazying around the house watching one TV show to another and making the fridge my best friend.

What are you waiting for?

Sometimes we pray and wait for God to come down and show us what to do, when He has already put something in our heart to act upon. God is not physically going to come down and direct  you on what to do, he has already given you the ability and will power to act upon your own will and to discern what’s right and wrong.

Being Static is not faith. We were not created to be passive, small brained, but to get involved in what God is doing in the world today and fulfiling our own purpose we were created in the world to do.

As God’s masterpiece you were created to think big and see potential in small things and expand.  We should view life using a magnifying mirror and make sure you can see it wide and bright. Standing at the doorway is only blocking your possibilities, but taking a step out by faith to make your dreams happen.

My Fashion Corner,

Firstly I will like to thank my sister for getting me this dress, it fits like a glove when I tried it on and love the relationship established. I just love the velvet look of the dress and decided to do the all black look with a pop of neon to bring colour to the outfit. Like they say when you don’t have anything to wear you wear black and this dress has become my little black dress for now I must add as I have love hate relationship with all the items in my closet and all the new items always receive love over the others for certain period before something else steal my love.

Outfit Details: Dress: Op Shop, Heels: Tony Bianco, Clutch: Zara