In the Neon Department

‘Don’t count the days. Make the days count’

If you follow me on facebook you would have seen the pictures of me and my son co-ordinating to welcome daddy home after six-months of serving in Afghanistan. My son was so excited to see his daddy, I was unable to contain his screaming . A priceless moment (I nearly became teary) something that will stay with me forever.

Guess who is also making an appearance on the blog today? if you guessed my son, then you are right. During the shoot, he put up a massive tantrum to have a turn to say ‘cheese’ and ‘thumb up’. Everyone, please meet Master Nathan Koroma- the head of the Koroma family as he commands everyone in the house of how we need to be doing the things he wants.

So how are you all doing? I’m great overall, but in terms of physical wellbeing, I’m exhausted from cleaning the house. oh! how I hope it will stay that way especially my closet which I always turn into a war zone just to find an outfit.

Lately, I feel like my life is on cruise control with minimal or no action at all. I use to be so active and adventurous and now I find myself bored and tired to do anything. I’ve gotten into the habit of letting life happen, feeling down and alone, at the same time my subconscious mind is shouting so many exciting things I should be doing, but my conscious mind is set on making me feel miserable.

I’m I the only one feeling this way?

I was reading a friend’s blog earlier this week,  she read a book by Marie Kondo about living intentional and taking action to keep your surrounding tidy which is an expression of your life, and it gave me a thought that this concept applies to my life right now. To be honest, it’s not really impossible once I put my mind to it I can get a lot done.
So this is the plan:-
Find two things to do that I haven’t previously done on each weekend by myself (-or with a friend) or with my family.
Keep track of my progress till end of the year then I will add as I go, as I don’t want to overcrowd my weekend with activities and then get stressed.

Please feel free to make suggestions.

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday and talk soon.


My fashion corner:
You all know how I love my bright colours and today and wearing two vibrant colours in the neon department. I love this outfit as it casual chic and effortless, which can be transition from day to night easily.
I was only planning to wear the basic white tee on its own, but the current weather couldn’t allow it, hence the use of the denim shirt which I believe worked out well as it gives the look some form of layering which I love doing in winter.

Are you asking why fuschia heels? My response will be why not? It’s such a rich colour that will make every outfit pop.

Outfit details:
Denim shirt: Zara Men, Tees: Jay Jay, Jean and Heels: GoJane, clutch: Adorne

Thanks for stopping by…………………. Be safe and enjoy your week