His Shirt….

I’m in a thankful spirit, are you? I just feel that in this last month of 2015 we must be greatful, just because we made it this far. The year might have started well but it’s seem like it’s not going to end well or vice versa we should still be greatful.

How has your week been so far? Mine is going great and am taking the rest of the week off to spend time with my family…. I know you might be thinking lucky me, but I think I deserve a couple of days off just to enjoy and celebrate with the people God have placed in my life and as we are heading to the festive days you should also take time to appreciate the people in your life.

Are you like me that don’t do the New Year Resolutions? I really don’t like getting myself excited and making all sort of promises, but few days later am back to my old self. Rather I like going with the flow and at the same time set my life on a course to grow and develop in one area or two and at the end of the year I try to audit my life, celebrate the things I have achieved and look at the areas of my life to be reviewed, revised and were improvement are needed but I don’t beat myself up if I was unable to achieve things, but rather challenge myself in the coming year. I believe sometimes we plan things for our lives that are not God’s will and even though we fight God to make it happen but his Grace and love for us will not allow calamity in our lives by given us what we have asked for.

Making a plan doesn’t mean it’s going to succeed, but the choices we make in partnership with God will guarantee success. So don’t be discouraged about anything but be thankful for everything and keep thinking big, praying big and plan big because God is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine Eph 3:20

Till then…… Enjoy your time here

My Fashion Corner: 

Well I was browsing IG the few weeks back and I got the inspiration from a lady I saw and I have been thinking about trying my own version ever since. At first I just couldn’t get it to work the way I visualize it in my head and here we were that day for the shoot and it just worked perfectly  well almost perfect I should say. I pair it with my jeans from missguided and my go to black patent. The whole idea was to try and create something different but chic and stylish. This is more of a head turner in the club I think rather than an everyday look.

Outfit details: Shirt: DIY, Pants: Missguided. Heels: Tony Bianco,Bag: Zalora from theiconic