Grey turtleneck dress ….3 ways… Part 2

Grey turtleneck dress ….3 ways… Part 2

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The series continues and welcome to part 2 of my grey turtleneck dress 3 ways.  Please read part 1 here

Grey turtleneck dress

I feel like its been like a million years since I promised to bring part 2 and 3. So sorry for the delay, seriously I have no excuse as its been sitting in my draft all this while and I was determined to get it out to you today. Hurray to me!!

So like I mentioned earlier, welcome to my blog and part 2 of my favourite turtle neck dress that I wore the whole of winter ..literally. You can call me lazy but I know you also have that one item in your closet that you have got your money worth out of wearing it.

Let me stop and ask.. How are you all doing? for me its been a roller coster, and I have embrace it all.

So for this look, well you all know I love simple things and adding colour to make it pop. I added this gorgeous necklace to give the look some colour and extra vibe to it. I was going for a casual look so my chuks was just perfect for the occasion for my lunch date with a friend.

Grey turtleneck dressGrey turtleneck dressGrey turtleneck dress

Thanks for stopping by and take care. Talk soon as I have so much to tell you but I needed to get this out first to you.

Outfit details:

Grey dress: theinconic (Almost &Here) Sold here.. Similar

Denim Jacket: TKMAXX

Shoes: Converse Chuck

Handbag: Portmans

Necklace: Sold out.. find more good stuff here

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