Add Colour

Welcome back to SS. Hope you all have been keeping well and your week went by as expected, if not just remember to press the restart button and start afresh.

The other day I was browsing pinterest and I came across a quote by the late Maya Angelou which has been in my heart the whole week and am really trying to put that in practice with everyone one I crossed path with now which is like an emphasis of what I stated in my last post about being kind to everyone you meet.

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” Maya Angelou

We all are a rainbow and I think its important for us to keep this in mind as you never know what someone else is going through and one kind word might put a colour in someone’s cloud to make a change.  As we all might have experience cloudy days in our lives, I believe it is a blessing to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.  I was reading a news article a week or so ago about Damien Little a 34 year old  man who lived in a town call port Lincoln in Australia he shot himself and his two sons, one 4 and the other 9 months in his car before driving into a wharf, leaving his wife and the whole town devastated and shocked as he was known by the people in the town as a loving husband and the community football coach. The question here is under which cloud was Damien in that might have driven him to end it all?  Only God knows what the wife might be going through???

Sometimes we have no control over certain situations in life. However, we can make it a choice  to do our part by being kind especially to the people we love, as we sometimes forget and take them for granted thinking we know them, but its not always that way as we all are fighting our own unique battle. So let be careful in choosing our words as we never can take them back. I am learning to be quiet whenever am angry, fighting back all the trillion impact and hurtful words I can say to break a person down and its a constant battle going on in my head whether I should or shouldn’t let them out.  Is that the same for you too??. I know sometimes the people we love tell us the most venomous words that will almost kill us internally and these words are constantly playing in our head if what they say is really how they feel about us even though they may have apologized.

So till then… Be Kind and start putting Rainbows.

My Fashion Corner:

So these days am loving the casual chic look because sometimes less is more and I don’t have to do much, as the simple details just speak volume. Today I decided to wear this black leather look pants which was forgotten and left in the laundry wardrobe for months for reason I still don’t know. So yesterday we renew our love again and it was a memorable one. To make it more interesting  it pop with this forever21 jumper as its summer here in Australia but its has been raining for the past couple of days so the weather was a bit chilli but not cold hence the reason I rolled up the sleeves and just for the fun of it i added white to the combo with this Tony Bianco heels and I was on my way. I didn’t want to hold anything big on my hand and this H&M purse came in very handy.

Details: Top: Forever21, Pants: Factorie, Heel: Tony Bianco, Purse: H&M