Your words have power….Flare them

Your words have power….Flare them

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Your words become your world, so use them to widen your horizon or should I say flare them

Flare pants, words have powerToday I want to stir the same emotions I have been stirring in myself lately. I know we all have heard, read and reminded ourselves that our ‘words’ have power. Yep! Power to destroy or heal. I want to reinforce the latter. I’m asking you today, to re-check the words you are using and why do you use those words?

How are you all going? Well most of you may be aware that it’s my birthday month (April 29 is my special  day) and I went on a cruise recently, it was so much fun and strange at the same time being on a ship in the middle of the ocean with so much entertainment onboard. Well they use food as the bait trust me, there was so much food and drinks. It was an amazing experience overall .

Back to the topic, I once read a journal on how words have an intangible, subconscious, instinctive reaction that we can’t even discern but can affect the way we think, interpret, speak and act (is this a surprise to you?). So, you see the more reason you should be careful with what you say to yourself or what you let others say to you because like it or not it will sink in subsequently become your reality.

Let’s make it a conscious choice to speak life into every situation in our lives. Speak positive words into your job, dreams and every pursuit that is important to you. It’s important to focus on ourselves first before we can extend to others as we have the tendency to see the good in others but ourselves. Be bold and speak with faith because the bible says ‘when you speak in faith even the strongest mountain can be move because nothing is impossible with God’ (paraphrase with emphasis).

We are all born with an incredible capacity to impact this world and even though we may have gone off course along the way, but we still have the desire to achieve our dreams because we want more than an average life. Hence why I’m challenging us today to re-launch our lives by starting with positive words every day to kill the negative thoughts in our subconscious. I know it won’t be easy but we can only try and by the way, if you don’t believe in yourself, how come you expect someone else to believe in you.

Happy Easter and whatever you may be doing, enjoy!  Talk soon.

My Fashion Corner:

I’m a skinny jeans (high waisted) kinda girl. Don’t ask my why please.  When I saw this pants at H&M I needed to get myself a pair, I have been eyeing this pants when it made its return back in 2016, but I was very skeptical. I think the style its so cool and different, Don’t you think?  You can pair this pants with so many items in your closet  for a casual or formal outing and I think its can be used for different seasons as well, not so much in summer because this one from H&M is quite warm. I decide to pair it with this Long-sleeved pleated top to create a bit of contrast and make it a fun look as my intention was to flaunt the pants.

If you looking for a pair of pants/jeans that is different from your usual style then try the flare pants. It’s official I’m in on the flares pants trend, hope you can try it too if you haven’t already.

Flare pants

Outfit details:

Top: H &M

Pants: H &M

Heels: So Kate

Clutch: Adorn

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