I hope you all are keeping well. I left April another year older but that’s not a bad thing! Because I celebrated my born day on the 29th of April.

Every year and every day I appreciate life a little bit more. I am so grateful and content for all that I have and for those that surround me.

I am so blessed to be living this life, whilst not perfect I live it with no regrets and I am saying YES to new experiences! I appreciate all the ups, downs, cry, laughs, smiles, and everything in-between as it is all making my life so rich. So RICH

I know my best days are still ahead of me because God is the center of my life.

I know my best days are still ahead of me because God is the center of my life.

This year is flying by, this month we start another quarter of 2021, how exciting is that!! Are you excited?

You should be, as there is so much that can happen in this, think about all the possibilities.

In my President, Ronald Reagan voice baby girl- “Sonia (<– insert your name) tear down all the walls”. The ones you have built and the ones others have built for you too because there is so much more to see in this world. So many wonderful experiences to enjoy and live. There’s so much more than this. And I don’t need to see it to believe it! You don’t need to see it to believe it either.

I don’t care what materials you might have used to build it, but it needs to come down. Seriously, bring it all down. Life is for the living and is way too short to hold on to lost things. Someone is missing out on the great soul you are and can be. In fact, you are missing out on yourself.

Getting out of my own way and letting the good energy flow is my current vibe _ so you may ask how I am doing this? By being the energy I want to receive, I have the choice to act on all the negatives in my life but I choose to move away from them…audaciously!

Getting out of my own way and letting the good energy flow is my current vibe

Moving on is like learning a new habit, and that takes so much energy and grace to acclimatize, but you have to make it a deliberate decision.

So, today I dare you to take a minute of silence! …………….After the minute, that silence was for the loss of all the doubts, hurts, and heartbreaks and the beginning of a new era to step into your promise land in other words………Moving on to be the best person you can be. I really mean living and enjoying life not just surviving or conforming to the norms.

Do you have the audacity to make a move?

My Style Corner:

I chose this outfit as my birthday outfit because it is stylish, comfortable with a little bit of sexy thrown in there too! 

This suit was definitely perfect for the occasion.

  • The color speaks elegantly in a subtle loudness. You know what I am talking about  
  • This suit set is called ‘ The bright light” because of the sequin details which I fell in love with it and I wanted to shine bright as I celebrate another year of life.
  • I am a blazer person so you will be seeing me style this blazer a lot. You have been warned !!!
  • I am not exactly a shorts kinda girl but this one works so well. It’s high-waisted, with a wild leg fit which is very flattering. I use the shorts belt as a waist tie. Did you tell?
  • This suit is by Sass & Bide and it’s currently on sale at Myers. I have listed a couple of similar items in my SHOP