The Black N White Effect

Hi Dearies, Hope you are well.

We Should not over think our Lives , it’s way too short for us not to live it to the fullest. We all have been though imaginable things but i hope that has made you a better person. Be happy for the journey in becoming the best person you can be. We are not made to be perfect but to live life in the imperfection knowing that our every mistakes, challenges is molding us to be the unique individual that we are. No one is you and that is the wonderful GIFT given to us by GOD. Be patient with yourself, growth takes time.
So Live life in BLACK N WHITE and the little GREY area is the secret place for only you and GOD to commune. STAY BLESS.

Outfit Details
Shirt: Gap (Gumtree)
Jeans: Old
Clutch: Adorne