In Fairness I wasn’t really sure

Happy Friday and Happy Belated International women day!

Oh my-my, women have really come a long way fighting for fairness in a world were we are always seen as the weaker vessel. We have changed so much and it always excite me to see strong women stand up for what they believe in and pursue it. A very big thank you to those women who has set the pedestal for us to live comfortably now compare to how it was years ago. I know there is a lot more to be done and for that I salute those women who made history. I hope we all will continue this work in whatever way we can.

So how are you all doing? I am well and I thank God for every day as I see it as another chance and a step closer to achieve my dreams.

Again Happy women’s day and in whatever way you chose to live your life, leave your mark and I believe one person at least will tell your story.

Be Bold & Be the strong woman you were created to be.

My Fashion Corner:

I wasn’t really  sure what I was doing so I decided to have fun with it anyway just because it’s Friday. I bought this traditional print shorts last week just because of the patterns and colours on it. Well, I call it when culture and modern meet.

Details: shorts: Op shop, Top & Sneakers: Converse, Blazer: Zara