June recap: Moments of Gratitude

June recap: Moments of Gratitude

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As June comes to a close, I am grateful for the moments and experiences it brought me. Each has enriched my life, and I appreciate and will cherish these moments. I’ve found that taking the time to reflect on these experiences has brought a deeper sense of gratitude and understanding of their impact on my life.

Here are some highlights of my moments of gratitude.

Winter is my favourite season.

June marked the start of winter in Australia, while other parts of the world are enjoying summer. I live in Brisbane, Queensland, known as the Sunshine State of Australia, so I get to enjoy a mild winter weather compared to the other states, but some mornings and evening can really feel like winter.

Winter is my favourite season because it allows me to indulge in the art of layering. It’s the fashion for me, but also brings me a sense of calm and peace. Most evenings, you’ll find me cozied up at home with my family, enjoying movies together.

Nurturing Personal Well-being and Creativity

Among the busy days and lively moments, June offered me moments of quiet mental processing. I delved into my creative pursuits, such as writing. I really miss being here consistently and I have set the intention going forward to be here consistently. I created content for my Instagram and TikTok. These activities not only help me express myself authentically but also provide a much-needed escape from life’s challenges. I’m really enjoying exploring TikTok; it’s all new to me but fun.

Brunch with a friend

I get to have brunch with friend at the beautiful Vici Italian in Southbank, Brisbane. It was a joy to catch up because it was well overdue, we haven’t seen each other since 2021. We caught up on our lives over a delicious meal and coffee.

Date Night at Komo Hotel, Redcliffe

My husband and I enjoyed a fun-filled date night at the Komo Hotel in Redcliffe. We enjoyed the hotel’s ambience and savoured their signature Mojito. He tried their chicken chicken parmigiana (Aussie Fav) and I tried the rib fillet. The food for delicious. Nil comment.

Barossa Valley Wine Tour in Adelaide

The highlight of this June was my wine tour through the renowned Barossa Valley in Adelaide. I get to explore three acclaimed wineries (Lambert, Pindarie and Vineyard Road) and sampled a variety of exceptional wines. The scenic drive itself was a feast for the eyes, with beautiful landscapes and endless rows of rows of grapevines. I learnt the story of the winemakers, their craftsmanship, passion, tradition and the diversity. I learnt about the intricate process of winemaking and I gained a deeper appreciation for the artistry. The tastes and aromas and how these are achieved, was an experience to remember. The tour guide was just phenomenal. He was funny and had a vast knowledge of Adelaide that he shared with us. If you ever find yourself in Adelaide, I highly recommend the Barossa Valley wine tour – it’s an experience you will enjoy, especially if you are a wine lover.

EOFY Work Celebration

To cap off the month, my workplace celebrated the end of the financial year (EOFY) with a festive gathering at the Grove, Brisbane. It was a lively event filled with laughter, good food, and great music. We had the chance to reflect on our achievements, bond with colleagues, and enjoy a well-deserved break from the kids. The food was delicious, the band was fantastic, and the wine was flowing. It was a great way to end the month and the financial year. Shop my outfit here

Here’s to June – a season of warmth, connection, and the magic of cherished moments experiences.

Let me know your June in review in the comment. Share your moments of gratitude with me.

Love and light

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