Happy Happy New to you all. I hope your Christmas and New year was great and filled with love, loads of gifts and lots of delicious Food consumption.  For me Christmas was spent at home eating through out the day and helping my son open his presentsssss (with a little emphasis) as everything under the tree was for him, I guess he is enjoying the time as an only child for now, new years eve was spent at home partying and praying from 11.45pm to 12 midnight and start partying again haha no sleep at all till the previous day, oh the fun you can have partying at the comfort of your home.

So its 2016, oh my my my  its the 10th already as the old saying goes time and tide wait for no man. Are you like me that don’t make resolutions anymore as we never keep to them, then that’s a good idea. For me I usually reconcile my life to be greatful for the good and the bad the previous year and for the bad I write it off as bad debt which means these items are closed in the books ( Just using my accounting terms).