Ankara & White Tee & ConverseCan you believe we are half way through 2017? Geez.. June already?…. Time and tide wait for no man say, Chinua Achebe.. oh boy time is ticking very fast… or is this just me. On that note, happy new month and welcome to winter all my Aussie folks. How are you all doing? I am doing and feeling great. I’m also feeling pumped and ready for what the rest of 2017 will bring me. I’m starting a new job this month. I feel like each year is changing jobs.. well it’s more like changing workplaces because am still doing the same job with added responsibility….for those of you who don’t know I am a Compliance Officer. I specialise in AML/CTF and Sanctions…. I will let you research on it if you are too curious. I thank God for his continually Grace upon my life because I love improving myself and the booze of new challenge excites me. I hope you are also noticing the change in my vibe and pictures because am stepping up my game (that’s the aim). You all have been a tremendous support to me, always pushing me. I’m thankful for you all.