Neutral With a POP

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Hope you all are doing fabulous am doing fine as well.

Today am going to talk about Who we are. We all have been asked this question before, Who are you? and most of the time we tend to answer the question by giving our names and other background information about ourselves such as our education, employment and religious belief etc.
Besides all that who are you really!
Think about it. Are you living the life you want people to see and make them happy or are you living your life for you.
I once lived a life that I always hide the person that I really wanted to be and was living what I call the approval syndrome life by showing people want they want to see and make them happy for the reputation I get. Don’t get me wrong am not a very wild or rebellious person in anyway but not perfect either.
I’m on a journey to find ME so when someone ask me who am I? I will say am a woman who was given a gift called life and a great thought was put into creating a special being like me and am on an unending journey in finding me, by the people I meet, places I go, education and the constant thirst to keep learning and grow. I have created a vision for my life, set goals and am taking actions to achieve them.

So am asking you this question today. Who are you?

Outfit Details
Coat: boohoo
Clutch: Adorne


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