I celebrate 30 years on earth.  Things I have learnt thus far

I celebrate 30 years on earth. Things I have learnt thus far

[su_quote cite=”Oprah Winfrey” url=”https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/AUeOXD01JZE52Kn381PwDPWcW7dO4ayKPCBQNUZVstjttGpMovF-YlU/”]The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate[/su_quote]

Happy Birthday….. Happy Birthday to ME. (still celebrating lol)

Hey, Y’all! I must admit this has been the longest time, I went MIA on the blog. Well am back now and thanks to all who kept supporting me through my other social media platforms and thanks if you are now joining my blog family.

Y’all know that I turned BIG 30 last month (29th April) and most of you were on my social media platforms wishing me happy birthday and praying for me. For that, I will be forever indebted to you.

Turning 30 was such a big deal for me back then, but once it’s arrived, I figured it was not so scary at all. For one I don’t even look my age, two am just grateful for life and all that I have achieved thus far.

So in this post today I wanted to share 30 things I have learnt and still learning thus far in my life, but I will share 10 in this post and the rest in upcoming posts.

  • Trust God and keep your faith no matter the situation
  • Never stop trying to better yourself, somedays you will question yourself if the struggle is worth it, but I know it will if I (you) keep putting in my best. Read more here
  • Audit your circle of friends, some people are not supposed to be part of the journey to success and life in general
  • Surround yourself with positive people, that’s so important as life can get tough and trying to reach the top you need all the help and motivation you can get.
  • Stop Comparison yourself with others and learn to trust your dopeness and uniqueness because we are all bada** in our own way.
  • 30 is not that scary, I remember wanting to achieve everything by the time am 3o, but as I wind down on my 20s I accept the fact that I don’t have to accomplish anything at a certain age
  •  Be Patient with yourself, things do take time, and you have to trust the process
  • Things don’t always come out the way you envisage, but that doesn’t mean you fail, try another route
  • You will get lonely, feel lost, but still listen to your heart and follow your passion
  • Above all celebrate your life and all your wins big or small.

Now let’s move on to talk about the outfit. Well, I’m a street style kinda girl, who also love dressing up and this multi Gown tick all the boxes because it does give me the flexibility to play around. I added this Millinery to make it extra oh well it was my birthday so am allowed to go extra… Lets pause and give this millinery the love it so deserves. I just love the classy feel, this was my first time having a millinery on and I am so adding more to my closet. To finish the look, I have this tassel earring, and the best part is that they are a clip on….

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Today am wearing

Dress: When Freddie met Lilly – Sarita Gown

Millinery: Keegan Mae Millinery – Veiled Turban twist

Earring: Adorne- Beaded Teardrop Tassel clip on