Its been a while hoping you all are well and doing fabulous.

Have you ever considered the reason you called some people in your life Friends? How do you choose your friends? Do you Pray about it? How do you measure a true friend isn’t by the things they do for you or are you on a similar path?

We meet and have lots of people in our lives who influence us one way or the other, some influence our direction for good and others, obvious or not so obvious are a hindrance to the betterment of our lives. I believe that’s the beauty of life you need the mixture of different kind of people to enter your life to lead, teach or build a specific character, lesson or take you on a journey. There is a popular saying in my country, show me your friends and I will tell you exactly who you are. Let your choice in choosing friends to tell people about who you are and what you want in life. True friends may lead you to the altar of Jesus, Loyal, persistence in walking with the Lord and chasing their dreams, build each other just like the bible says iron sharpens iron. So as you are reading this,  I want you to pause and take an honest inventory of the people you consider now in your life as friends. After you have done this you may find out that some people are just part of your life for the benefit they enjoy from you or you from them, and some are completely in the opposite direction of where you are heading.