Hi everyone hope you all are doing well, as for me the start of beautiful spring came with a glum, on Sunday evening me and my sister received the sad news of our cousin’s death back home in sierra Leone. It was a shock to us because he was so young and full of life (sometimes we forget death does not come with an age restriction) I called my uncle and he couldn’t stop crying on the phone and me and my sister cried with him as I could sense his deep agony of losing a first child. Apparently he was sick and the doctors were not able to detect the real problem so it went from one complication to another which is really sad and it makes me wonder if he was in a first world country like me if the story would have been different as back home they lack the right or should I say effective medical resources to treat patients and to make the situation even worse the country is still trying to find ways to combat the Ebola outbreak were thousands of people lost their lives and still counting.