I believe there are opportunities everywhere and it’s up to us to recognise them and take action.
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I believe there are opportunities everywhere and it’s up to us to recognise them and take action.
Below is the definition from Google.
plural noun: opportunities
a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.
“increased opportunities for export”
synonyms: chance, lucky chance, good time, golden opportunity, timeoccasionmoment, favourable time/occasion/moment, right set of circumstances, appropriate time/occasion/moment, suitable time/occasion/moment, opportune time/occasion/moment, openingoption, window (of opportunity), slotturngo, (clear) run, field dayMore
My first reaction when I looked at the definition was ‘OH’, Oh in the sense that the words ‘time’ and ‘circumstances’ were used. In my interpretation, time plays a big role in finding or recognising opportunities. Then I looked at the different synonyms used and the one that really struck my attention was the word ‘moment’. Let’s just pause for a second… Ok, now that was a ‘moment’ and that’s all it takes to recognise an opportunity. How powerful is that? So it literally doesn’t take much at all to make time to recognise opportunities.

You taking a moment to read blog post is an opportunity for you to be inspired- I hope that was the intention that brought you here.

Honestly, there is no need to clutter yourself with expectations, just be present with yourself and things around you and opportunities will find you. Even though sometimes you have to go and search for it, the process will be so much easier if you just let things flow and be led by your higher self.

Look for opportunities where ever you go, it will only take a moment.

Style corner:

A green suit is bound to turn heads, so I opt-in for nude with the green. Since the bold look is sure to turn heads I went for a perfect fit and I use the belt to create some shape to the jacket. This double-breasted green suit has really grown on me. Can’t wait to style it again.

Do you have any bold suit in your closet?